Q & A


  1.  Do they work on glass vases?  They do. You can bake them after in preheated oven for about half an hour on 325F. Remember they can be only gently hand washed.
  2.  Can I paint with them on the rocks and stones?   They are a match made in heaven with rocks and stones.
  3.  Are they safe for children? Yes, they are. They are water-based and without any chemicals. They are also odor free.
  4.  Is the paint water resistant? For better results, you should varnish your acrylic work when possible.
  5.  Do they dry up quickly? No. Each marker contains 3ml high-quality German Ink. It`s enough for a lot of projects.
  6.  Can I use them on fabric? Yes. It is a bit challenging to use them on cotton though. We recommend hand wash in a cold water. Eventually, the ink will fade.
  7.  Will they work on stretched canvas? They work great on stretched canvas.